Meet Victoria Winters

Ms. Prosperity, author & Coach

My Story

Victoria Winters, known as Ms. Prosperity, is an author, certified personal coach and entrepreneur in the personal development industry. She specializes in helping people to discover their powerful innate ability to create a lifestyle of excellence, abundant prosperity and absolute happiness. Her tips, tools and coaching services inspire, uplift and facilitate increasing awareness of the marvelous mind and mental faculties resident within every human being.

As a California native who enjoys sailing, exploring different activities, Victoria also serves on the board of Dana Point Harbor Boater Association, and is lovingly devoted to her husband and family.

Victoria says: “I recognize and feel the enormous power emanating from every human being that is my pleasure to encounter. Your real work is to make the most of yourself. Master the choice to feel good in every moment.”

If you are interested in learning more about Victoria’s personal coaching services, get in touch with her.  You’ll be so glad you did!