Money Marathon Program



WARNING: The Money Marathon is ONLY for people who are really serious about achieving success in their lives. You will embark on  a journey with a proven master in the principles of attracting wealth and opportunity!

Here’s what you will get inside the Money Marathon . . .

                     Welcome & Orientation


Warm-Up – 10 Sessions

Get prepared for the marathon


Run the Marathon

26 Daily Messages

The Vault

(Following the Marathon)

12 Incredible Resources and Bonuses To Help You Manifest More Abundance In Your Life

  1. WARM-UP – Money Paradigms
    1. Your Relationship with Money
      1. Setting Your Money Goals
      1. Self-Image and Money
        1. The Language of Wealth
              1. Money Earning Oopportunities
                1. Releasing the Blocks
                  1. The Law of Compensation
                    1. Daily Disciplines
                    1. Living In Abundance

                        Focus on what you want to grow…

                        1 Month Access to Your Destiny Coach Through Live Q&A Sessions

                        This entire program is highly organized and highly comprehensive. Therefore, it is recommended that you follow each step and take action immediately on each one as you navigate your way… that way, you will create immediate momentum that follows you through all the way to the end of “the yellow brick road.” Enjoy and benefit from dependable and consistent calls with your Destiny Coach AND fellow members inside the Money Marathon program! You will receive inspiration, encouragement, praise for your wins, answers, and expert guidance in order to keep you moving forward inside your chosen destiny.

                        1. MARATHON – Working With Your Money Goals
                        1. Is Your Thinking In Alignment With Your Goal?
                        1. Look for the Abundance Everywhere
                        1. Generosity is the First Law of Prosperity
                        1. Your Attitude Toward Money
                        1. What Actions Are You Taking to Improve Your Financial Situation?
                        1. Lack Mentality vs. Abundance Mentality
                        1. Your Right To Be Rich
                        1. Living As If
                        1. The Feeling of Wealth
                        1. Getting Back On Track
                        1. Dealing With Fear/Converting It To Faith
                        1. Managing the Obstacle 
                        1. Denying the Evidence of the Senses
                        1. From Stress to Calm
                        1. Building on the Emotions of Wealth
                        1. Decision Making and Wealth
                        1. Helping Others Experience Greater Wealth
                        1. Stretching Beyond Your Comfort Zone
                        1. Perfection in Your Affirmations to Reach the State of Conviction
                        1. Feeling Natural About Being Wealthy or Abundantly Rich
                        1. Sharing Wealth
                        1. The Value of Wealth
                        1. Mastering Wealth
                        1. More Money Than You Know What To Do With
                        1. The Finish Line

                        And there’s more…

                        Bonus – THE VAULT 

                        12 Incredible Resources and Bonuses to Help You Manifest More Abundance In Your Life.

                        The Vault contains videos and affirmations you can use to build even greater prosperity in your life. Highlights: Relax Your Way to Wealth audio program, Morning Money Meditations, Th Prosperity Breathing Technique, Daily Discipline and Vibration Tracking Tool, Let’s Talk Money w/ Kim Calvert and more are at your service. You are magnificant and of course, you deserve the best!

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                        MONEY MARATHON PROGRAM