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All it takes is your willingness to learn and follow step-by-step directions.

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The Complete Author Program is a system that contains 2 Primary Components. Every lesson is easy to absorb. This method provides  greater choice and flexibility for you. Modules inside each Component contain the lessons. And there’s more…BONUS programs, special trainings and sessions, plus live Q&A calls featuring guest Teachers, Speakers and Experts. 

Live Q&A calls are held twice a month over a 3 month period. You can ask any questions you have – whether about the course itself, or the goals you are pursuing, or perhaps publishing in general. Whatever YOU want to know is on the table.

Not only will the Complete Author Program show you how to become a successful best-selling author, but it will also show you how to become a successful best-selling author with a thriving business that generates life-changing revenue. 


    Module 1 – The New Author Program

    Module 2 – The New Best-Seller Program

                     Module 1 – Primary Components

A. Discover How to Write

    and Publish Your Book – 7 video sessions

B. The Writing and Publishing/Self-Publishing         of Your book – 21 video sessions


Live Q&A Access

(3 Months)

  1. Module 1A – Connecting to your WHY
  • What would you love? (Goals)
  1. Author Be Aware/Myths
  • Discover truth, become more aware, step beyond myths.
  1. The Successful Author Tool
  • Use the “Power Life Script” developed by Peggy McColl.
  1. Developing Confidence
  • Learn and practice this skill.
  1. Faith and Belief
  • Understand the power of belief in yourself.
  1. Eliminating Negativity
  • Overcoming obstacles is essential.
  1. The Law of Vibration
  • And visualization techniques to practice.
  1. Module 1B – What to Know –
  • BEFORE Writing – Know where you are.
  1. Tapping Into Your Creativity
  • You already have everything you need.
  1. Choosing The Topic
  • Subject and theme for your book.
  1. Timing, Writing Schedules
  • And dates for completion.
  1. Different Genres and Formats
  • Non-fiction, fiction, your choice.
  1. Preparing to Write
  • Essential preparation for orderly flow.
  1. How to Choose a Winning Title
  • And subtitle and book cover.


  1. Creating An Outline For Your Book
  • Unique and one just for your book.
  1. Multiple Ways to “Write” Your Book
  • Pen and ink is just one way. There are many more.
  1. Writing Your Book
  • Time to begin.
  1. Recording Content
  • Speak your words onto the page.
  1. Creating or Using Course Content
  • Repurpose is the name of the game.
  1. Ghost Writers
  • You are not alone. Hire writing help.
  1. Collaborative Books
  • You and others can co-author.
  1. Repurpose Materials AND Interviews
  • Create content in new, creative ways.
  1. Working With An Editor
  • Understand how editors help your work shine.
  1. Legalities
  • Copyrights and other protection.
  1. Finishing Touches To Your Book
  • Book covers, interior design and more.
  1. Self-Publishing and/or Publish
  • Learn the options. Foreign rights too.
  1. Writing Fiction
  • Various genres and styles.
  1. Valuable Lessons Learned
  • Messages from the experts.

Create multiple sources of income for yourself.  The more sources of income you have working for you, the more financial freedom you can enjoy on your terms.

The New Best-Seller Program

Module 2 – Primary Components 

A. Believe in your Best-Seller Destiny – 5 video sessions

B. Building the Best-Seller Foundation – 6 video sessions

C. Your Amazon + International Best-Seller – 6 video sessions

D. Your New York Times Best-Seller – 1 video session

E. Marketing, Social Media & Revenue Magic – 2 video sessions


Live Q&A Access

(3 Months)

  1. Module 2A – The Mindset of a Successful Best-Selling Author
  • Mind on what you really want.
  1. Best-Seller Goals
  • Clarity of purpose. When you know where you are and where you are going, you will reach your goal.
  1. Unstoppable Confidence On Stage (And Off)
  • Continuous forward movement. As you steadily go to your goal, you will become unstoppable.
  1. Visualization Technicques to Clearly See & Manifest Your Best Seller
  • Vision of purpose.
  1. The Power Life Script for the Best Selling Author
  • Your affirmation of success.
  1. Module 2B – Building a Powerful Online Presence
  • Show up and shine.
  1. Your Unique Brand
  • The one and only YOU. Your brand is full of your presence. Build it up and let it out.
  1. Building Your Platform
  • A strong foundation is where upon your author business stands. It must be strong.
  1. Social Media Techniques to Succeed
  • Learn how to place your powerful presence on display with proven techniques.
  1. The Many Ways to Bring Greater Value
      • Your valuable offer.
  1. Publicity Secrets
  • Spread the word about your book. The more words spread, the more eyes on your offers .
  1.  Module 2C – What is Amazon Best Seller Achievement?
  • Put the Amazon platform to work for you.
  1. The Best-Seller Process
  • Learn and implement a system. A system carefully laid out is easy to follow.  You will get guidance as you execute each step. And of course, you can ask questions along the way.
  1. Copywriting for Promotional Purposes
  • Writing to promote your book.
  1. Getting Others On Board to Support You
  • Know where to look for help.
  1. The Book Launch Marketing Launch Funnel Success Model
  • Implement by example.
  1. Recommendations For After Your Best-Seller Launch/Campaign
  • Keep the revenue flowing.
  1. Module 2D – The New York Times Best-Seller Strategy
  • How to go for the big title.
  1. Module 2E – Revenue Earning Opportunities for Authors
  • Create multiple sources of income for yourself.
  1. Social Media Magic
  • Automatic systems that work for you.

Step up and bet on yourself …

3 Months of Live Calls

Get your questions answered on live calls. You can also send your questions via email.  Writing a book is a personal activity, but you are not alone while working on your book.  In addition to the videos, live calls and interaction in private Facebook groups, you will receive inspiration, encouragement, answers, and expert guidance in order to keep you moving forward on your project.  Everything is here and ready for you right now. 

And there’s more…


*Get Your Program Done*

**eBook Marketing Magic**

***The Creation of a Fiction Book***

And there’s even more exciting bonus trainings. 

From the Stage to the Page, From the Page to the Stage, Conversation with a “Book Architect,”  Special call with an attorney who specializes in copyright law, research tool for fiction writing and more.  The Complete Author Program delivers more than any program on the market today.

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